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opStrat Solutions provides a growing list of learning opportunities to enhance organizational effectiveness. The Workshops and Web-based training utilize multi-media and interactive formats to maximize learning and enjoyment.

The short Workshops are ideal for introducing subjects so that participants can ensure they understand the underlying principles and themes.

Half Day Workshops include:
  • The Lean Enterprise Workshop.
  • The 5S Workplace Organization Workshop, for a more effective workplace organization.
  • Introduction to Set-up Reduction, the improvement at the heart of improved agility and responsiveness.
  • Introduction to Statistical Process Control (SPC) -- Understanding Variation. How SPC affects your business and manufacturing processes.
  • ISO 9000, An Overview. An introduction and refresher covering the principles and main elements.
  • Process Mapping Workshop -- Mapping your Business and Technical Processes. Creating consensus about your current processes and highlighting opportunities for improvement.

    One Day Workshops include:
  • Introduction to Lean-Sigma, a combination of Lean and Six Sigma understanding.
  • Project Management in a project-oriented business.

    Longer Workshops are organized for those who cannot be off the job for too long and they provide the structure some people need to complete learning and skills development. Typically half a day or a day per week, the Longer Workshops intersperse the Workshop sessions with focused on-the-job activities.

    40-Hour Workshops are scheduled to suit client needs over 5 to 10 weeks. They include:
  • 5S, Workplace Organization. Focusing on an office or manufacturing area, this integrates 5S concepts with an actual implementation to reinforce learning.
  • FMEA (Failure Mode Effects Analysis) introduces FMEA concepts, applies them to a product or service, and uses 8D Problem-Solving & Mistake Proofing to implement an improvement.

    All workshops are lead by an operations professional with highly developed technical and analytical skills and over 30 years experience in a broad range of industry sectors and disciplines. The insight developed from this cross-functional and multi-industry experience is a distinguishing feature for these workshops.

    In addition to the training services, opStrat Solutions can provide cost-effective analytical software tools and complementary on-site advisory and consulting services.

  • Lean Enterprise Workshop
    Participant Feedback
    Introduction to Statistical Process Control (SPC)