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Six Sigma applies sophisticated statistical and analytical techniques to maximize business improvements. Like "Lean", Six Sigma is a customer-focused continual improvement journey, using statistical techniques to identify and eliminate waste. Six Sigma organizations have realized significant improvements in all aspects of their businesses.

The Six Sigma methodology has 5 components, referred to as "DMAIC":
  • D efine the problem. A comprehensive definition is vital to a good solution,
  • M easure the critical characteristics of the current process,
  • A nalyze the data, design experiments that will demonstrate the benefits of implementing proposed improvements,
  • I mplement process improvements to improve the business performance, and,
  • C -- implement the C ontrols that are required to maintain the improvement.

    These business improvements result in increased customer responsiveness and lower operating costs which combine to provide a more profitable organization.

    opStrat Solutions can assist you with all aspects of your six sigma implementation including:
  • Developing process maps that can be analyzed for unnecessary activities and opportunities for improvement,
  • Identifying critical characteristics of your processes,
  • Ensuring your ability to measure process characteristice is adequate for the problem being analyzed,
  • Determining how much data to collect, how to collect it, and how to analyze it,
  • Identifying proposed process improvements,
  • Testing the proposed improvements before implementation,
  • Implementing and documenting change, and,
  • Implementing effective controls to ensure the improvements are permanent.

    opStrat Solutions can provide six sigma training for your staff:
  • Process Mapping / Value Stream Mapping
  • Determination of critical process parameters,
  • Statistical Concepts and Statistical Process Control,
  • Measurement Systems Analysis to ensure the data you collect is accurate,
  • Analytical Techniques, and,
  • Implementing effective controls to ensure your improvements are permanent.

    opStrat Solutions uses and recommends Six Sigma software developed by Symphony Technologies. The Six Sigma software solutions include:
  • The SPC Workbench, for business and industrial process control using attribute and variables control charts.
  • Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA).
  • Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing.
  • Meaurement Systems Analysis, Auto Industry Action Group compliant support for attribute and variable measurements.
  • Non-Normal Data Analysis.
  • Quincunx, a process generator for statistical training.

    All software solutions are available as a trial download prior to purchasing.
    Discounts are available to all members of the Ottawa Manufacturers' Network and to all clients of opStrat Solutions and its consulting partners.

    For more information see our Six Sigma Software page.

    We would be pleased to discuss with you the benefits of using Six Sigma methodologies to enhance your Journey to Excellence.