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Online Training


opStrat Solutions provides a growing list of training and skills development opportunities to enhance organizational effectiveness. The training Workshops and online training utilize multi-media and interactive formats to maximize skills development and enjoyment.


Short Workshops are ideal for introducing subjects so that participants can ensure they understand the underlying principles and themes.

Longer Workshops are organized for those who cannot be off the job for too long at any one time. They provide the structure some people need to complete their skills development. Typically half a day or one day per week, the Longer Workshops intersperse the training sessions with focussed on-the-job skills development activities.

All workshops are lead by an operations management professional with highly developed technical and analytical skills and over 30 years experience in a broad range of industry sectors and disciplines. The insight developed from this cross-functional and multi-industry experience is a distinguishing feature for these workshops.

Online Training

Online training provides unparalleled training flexibility for schedule-challenged people throughout the organization.
Consider the advantages:
  • Interactive multi-media format -- much more interesting than a book and more personalized than a classroom
  • Complete the online training when time is available -- no scheduled meetings or workshops
  • No need to miss anything when an interruption demands your attention -- just pause the training
  • Repeat any part of the online training to ensure understanding
  • Work at your pace -- not the pace of a class. Go faster through familiar material or slower to focus on details
  • Come back to the online training for a refresher.
  • Integrated testing ensures understanding, all in the privacy of your office or home
  • Many courses provide completion certificates
  • Department managers and corporate training functions can monitor progress and record corporate training documentation
  • Stop and re-start training without having to remember where you were. The systems take care of bookmarking.

    The certificate courses provide detailed knowledge of specific subjects and a completion certificate upon completion.

    The short courses are segments of the certificate courses. They take less time and provide excellent background material for focussed departmental training without the manager having to teach the subject. After staff complete the courses on their own schedule, managers can use departmental meetings to ensure a common understanding, to mentor and develop staff, and to discuss consistent implementation.

    opStrat Solutions has partnered with world class courseware developers to provide a growing list of web-based training materials. In many cases extended access has been arranged to enhance your ability to come back for a refresher update.

    Integrated Support

    In addition to the skills development services, opStrat Solutions can provide six sigma software tools and complementary onsite implementation services.