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The Lean Enterprise Workshop -- The Voice of Participants

"Very good. Clear take-aways. Easy to understand. Hands-on exercises cemented learning."
CEO, Biotech Company

"Good Workshop. Productive for managers"
Technology Company CEO

"Excellent and informative exercises built to describe real-time situations and then how to improve on design and performance."
"Lots of good stuff presented in a relevant engaging manner. Enjoyed the workshop part especially. It was a real eye opener for some of the dumb things we are still doing which takes away from our customers good appearance."
Sports and Entertainment Food and Beveridge Service Provider

"Amazing engaged session."
"Great workshop, the concepts are good and I was impressed by how you applied a production system to our research service-oriented workplace."
"Definitely worthwhile presenting to the whole portfolio. I can see the potential of better flow/communication within each unit & between each unit."
"I saw many things I do that can be changed to improve organized workflow."
"Very intriguing suggestions which show promise to our org."
University Research Grant Administration

"Bill, I just wanted to take the time to let you know how much I enjoyed the lean manufacturing workshop that you did at our facility. It was definitely an eye opening experience. We are always looking for opportunities for improvement and I have seen quite a few as we have gone through this process. We have already implemented some of our observations and I look forward to continuing to implement more. Great exercise Bill."
Director of Production and Corporate Quality

"Impact of assembly workshop was impressive. The reduction of production time, bottlenecks, and improved profitability were impressive."
Financial Controller, Computer Manufacturer

"Very enlightening."
"Flowed well - lots of participant interaction. Time flew by."
"Good primer for an introduction of Lean concepts"
"Well done."
High Tech Electronics Company, November, 2005

"I highly recommend this workshop to any organization starting out on the Lean journey as a powerful "hands-on" means of communicating the benefits of Lean Manufacturing. There is no better training than "doing" and this session is very "doing" oriented. It was practical, thought-provoking and fun".
Manager, Industrial Engineering, Military Electronics

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