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Lean is based on the Toyota Production System. It is a customer-focused continual improvement journey. The Lean methodology is a continual process of waste identification and waste elimination. Organizations that have embraced Lean have realized significant gains, not only in production effectiveness, but also in:
  • Reducing the time to market with new products and services,
  • Improved delivery of services in government and the private sector,
  • More responsive customer service,
  • Reduced capital investment, and,
  • Reduced inventories.

    These operating improvements result in increased customer demand and lower operating costs which combine to provide a more profitable organization.

    opStrat Solutions can assist you with your Journey to Lean Excellence.

  • The widely acclaimed Lean Enterprise Workshop provides an introduction to Lean and uses participative workshop activities to demonstrate the significant productivity gains that can be achieved while simultaneously making the work easier for your staff.
  • A Lean Assessment can help to identify the areas of improvement that will deliver the most important improvements first.
  • Follow-up training in Value Stream Management, Quick Changeover, Work Simplification, and Single Piece Flow can help to speed delivery of service and improve responsiveness.
  • A review of your Quality Management System and your ERP Systems can achieve cross-functional improvements and synergy.

    We would be pleased to talk with you about your Journey to Excellence.

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