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Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing
  • Implemented qualification / acceptance testing for new production and waste management equipment, resulting in lower operating costs and fewer difficulties.
  • Restarted and championed the ISO 9000 registration project.
  • Participated with customers, suppliers, and regulatory agencies to support delivery requirements, resolve quality problems, and ensure compliance with heath and safety requirements.

    Laser Art Products

  • Reduced inventory 50%, increased cashflow, implemented a systemic approach to artwork creation in an unpredictable customer environment by implementing a short turnaround culture and processing techniques.

    Health Care

  • Reduced maximum dosimeter processing time and handling time from a maximum of 19 days to a maximum of 6 days through improved processing flow and reduced waste.
  • Introduced Lean methodologies that saved 99 workdays labour effort per year.
  • Reduced Order Entry time 50% and implemented real-time order processing.
  • Developed and presented a highly rated Customer Service Workshop to help staff to respond better to internal customer interactions.


  • Doubled concrete production using existing staff and equipment.
  • Highlighted Shipbuilding business process and project management improvements to increase profitability by $1,000,000 per year and reduce time-to-market 30%.
  • Developed a manufacturing plan to reduce a sheet metal fabrication process from 40 days to 40 hours, eliminating the need to build and modify standard configurations.

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