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Commercial and Military Electronics
  • Highlighted $800,000 of savings and cost avoidance for a small computer manufacturer while reducing seasonal employment and improving delivery performance.
  • Reduced the pcb supply base and worked closely with selected suppliers to improve quality and delivery performance.
  • Reduced manufacturing cycle times by 56% through detailed process planning and work cell scheduling. Improved time to market, enhanced program management flexibility, and reduced design changes during production.
  • Developed and implemented an enterprise Project Cost and Schedule Management System to improve cost and schedule control and to provide early identification of critical changes.
  • Manufacturing lead for an ERP System implementation.
  • Managed manufacturing projects, ensuring conformance with all documentation, design, and quality system requirements.
  • Managed production staff of 40 and subcontractor deliverables. Implemented changing design, program, and customer requirements.
  • Coordinated the successful ISO 9000 certification effort within manufacturing, ensuring consistency with corporate activities while encouraging local flexibility to innovate.
  • Championed opportunities for test engineering cost reduction, minimizing costs while maintaining compliance with design requirements.

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