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  • Operations advisor for an industry-leading industrial, security, and research digital camera enterprise, resulting in improved manufacturing processes, an implemented manufacturing control system, and improved quality management systems.
  • Demonstrated process changes that reduced a new facility manufacturing floorspace requirement by one third.
  • Highlighted $1,000,000 profit improvement opportunities for a small custom boat designer / manufacturer.
  • Reduced manufacturing cycle times by 56% through detailed process planning and work cell scheduling. Improved time to market, enhanced program management flexibility, and reduced design changes during production.
  • Consolidated multiple concurrent fixed price projects, achieving a 28% cost reduction while improving on-time delivery.
  • Established materials flow and simplified the build structure, resulting in 30% WIP and 40% support cost reductions. Increased production flexibility to implement last minute changes.
  • Managed start-up operations from an empty building to a functioning fiberoptics manufacturing facility in the critical first 9 months.
  • Developed and implemented an integrated project cost control system, improving detection of problems and facilitating corrective action.
  • Coordinated the direction between Corporate and Operations resulting in a successful first time ISO 9000 registration audit.
  • Championed the selection of a new ERP System that better supported company information needs.
  • Reduced the number of Materials Shortages using improved metrics and a concentration on critical materials follow-up activities.
  • Resolved customer delivery problems in 6 Weeks through a combination of delivery-focussed teamwork, contract reviews, and customer education.
  • Reduced actual production time 60% by supporting production operator, providing timely feedback.
  • Shipped product at 150% of budget, improving gross margin and customer satisfaction.

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